Cell Storage

Clients’ invaluable cell-based drugs and test specimens are stored in our safe cell storage facility under 24-hour environmental monitoring and control

Cell Storage Overview

Securely storing and managing invaluable specimens in a GMP-compliant cell storage facility

Our clients’ invaluable products and specimens are securely stored and managed in our GMP-compliant cell storage facility. Client’s specimens are protected by both hard and soft measures, including prevention of misallocation by our sample management system, multi-layer emergency backup systems, 24-hour monitoring with an environmental monitoring system, and inspection and maintenance based on documented procedures. We address the following needs. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Storage of investigational new drugs in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage containers, ultra-low temperature freezers, and refrigerators
  • Isolated storage of reference specimens and test specimens
  • Various quality tests, dispatch inspections, etc.
  • Investigation and qualification of storage and transportation methods
  • Inventory management and transportation to clinical trial sites

Cell Storage Facility & Equipment

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Container

  • Vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage containers with lowered risk of container failure and contamination, maintained at -190℃
  • Liquid nitrogen surface monitoring
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen supply system

Ultra-low temperature freezer

  • Storage at -80℃; equipped with a liquid CO2 auxiliary cooling system

For details of our facilities, please see Facility & Equipment and Facility Design Policy.


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