Quality Testing

With a wide range of analytical instruments our expert staff perform various quality and safety testing during the manufacturing process

Quality Testing Overview

Our expert staff support from establishment of testing methods through to documentation of operating procedures

Raw material acceptance tests, in-process quality tests and product release tests are required during the manufacturing process of various cellular medicines. With a portfolio of various analytical instruments that enables us to handle a range of quality tests, our expert staff support from establishment of necessary testing methods, documentation of operating procedures to implementation of testing.

An example of test content

  • Cell surface marker profiling by flow cytometry
  • Cell morphology analysis, cell viability and proliferation rate
  • Real-time PCR analysis of cell-expressed genes
  • Nucleotide sequencing with a DNA sequencer
  • Expressed protein analysis using immunoassays such as ELISA and Western blotting
  • Other biochemical tests

Quality Testing Facility & Equipment

PharmaBio is equipped with a wide range of analytical instruments to handle a variety of quality tests. Here are some examples.

Flow Cytometer FC500

EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader

CytoSpinTM 4 Cytocentrifuge

7500 Real-time PCR System

Cell Viability Analyzer Vi-Cell


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