This Privacy Policy stipulates how users’ personal information is the collected, used, and managed on the websites and operated by PharmaBio Corporation (henceforth referred to as “website”).

PharmaBio Corporation (henceforth referred to as “company”) believe that it is of utmost importance to comply with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and to be thorough in its proper collection, use, and management in order for users to use our website with peace of mind. Please review the privacy policy completely when visiting the website, and provide your personal information only if you agree to the privacy policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

The “personal information” described in this privacy policy means information that can be used to identify a specific individual such as name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address. The website will collect the personal information of its users of its services. The collection of personal information by this company is exclusively of the voluntary offering of every individual, and in the case of an individual providing personal information, said individual is granting permission for it to be used in accordance with this privacy policy. However the company may not disclose personal information to a third party without permission in a manner other than that disclosed in the privacy policy. Furthermore, the personal information collected on this website will not be integrated or processed in any way with information collected indirectly from other sources (name registers, mailing lists, third parties, etc.)

2. Use of Personal Information

Personal information will be collected on this website for the following purposes.

  • Orders of products and services, estimates, payments, and delivery of products and services, as well as any other exchange related to sales.
  • To answer an inquiry
  • For those who wish to be contacted by us with updates and new development, etc.

3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

As a general rule, the company will not provide personal information to third parties without permission. However, personal information will be disclosed in response to a legitimate request from a court, police, consumer information center, or another institution that has authority pursuant to these.

4. Disclosure, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information

If you would like to notify the company when the personal information you provided us changes (change of address for example), to verify the information on our file, or to delete our personal information provided to us, the company will conduct our verification procedures with the individual him/herself in accordance with the prescribed procedures. Please notify the company from the Contact Us page.

5. Cookies

The company uses cookies to investigate the use of the email form as well as trends of users of the website. Thereby, the company can gain access to statistical information about IP addresses, email forms, domain names, and type of browser accessing the website, however this will not be used for collection or analysis of personal information.

6. Access Log File

The company can access the log file in order to investigate trends in the users of the website. Thereby, the company will have access to statistical information about the type of browser accessing the website, IP addresses, and pages that are accessed, however this will not be used for collection or analysis of personal information.

7. Third Party Tracking System

In order to investigate the trends of users of this website, third party cookies and image files (such as Web Beacons) will be used to gather statistical information on website use.

8. Links

The website may contain links to external websites, however no personal information will be shared. The company bears no responsibility at all with respect to the collection of personal information carried out by the linked sites. Be sure to refer to the privacy policy of the linked website.

9. Security

As the website registers personal information, they are managed by a dedicated server that is protected by a Firewall and uses an encryption and transmission method called SSL. The company is taking every step to prevent leakage of information or unauthorized access.

10. Updating the Privacy Policy

In the event of a change in the privacy policy, the change will be posted on the website. By posting the latest privacy policy on the website, users will be able to know how privacy information is collected and used at all times. Please check the policy on a regular basis. Furthermore, in the event that personal information is used in a manner different thandescribed when the information was initially collected, users will be contacted by the post on the website. Users will have the right to choose whether personal information may be used in a manner different from the website.

11. Questions and Comments Regarding Privacy

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us from the Contact Uspage.

Last Updated: 1 April, 2020


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