Message from President and CEO

As industry for regenerative medicine grows dramatically, expectations are rising for companies to contribute to solving incurable diseases. In 2011 Pharmabio started CDMO services in Japan for the first time and has continued to provide high quality service to such companies including global pharmaceutical companies. By leveraging its expertise and experiences, Pharmabio now challenges itself to generate new break through regenerative medicine in the world.

PharmaBio Corporation
President and CEO Hitoshi Kusano

Behavioral Guidelines

1. Innovation

We help create opportunities to turn promising concepts into effective new drugs by applying our innovative development expertise in gear with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

2. Challenge

Driven by a passionate belief in medicine’s potential, we facilitate prompt regulatory approval and market introduction.

3. Trust

We are committed to fulfilling our obligation to risk management and safety, while contributing to medical progress and responding to the hopes and trust of people around the world.


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