Clean Room Solutions

PharmaBio offers a new solution for clean room disinfection and maintenance control through development of our unique technology

Fogact Disinfection System

Small disinfection system for placement inside equipment chambers

Fogact is the first decontamination device to achieve complete spatial decontamination by fogging a peracetic acid disinfectant, Actril® within the chambers of laboratory equipment. This solves issues of sterilization and strict changeover of safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, centrifuge chambers, pass boxes and other pieces of equipment located in a clean room.

Key features

  • Small and portable, so that it can be set up and used inside a chamber of various types of laboratory equipment.
  • Easy to use, and automatically calculates the optimal sterilization time based on the initial temperature and humidity inside the chamber.
  • Actril® Cold Sterilant is safe for humans and environment, neutralization or post-treatment not required and no residual toxicity.
  • It does not cause condensation or wet inside the chamber, so that wiping is not required and there is no risk of secondary contamination.

*Actril is a registered trade mark of Mar Cor Purification.
*Fogact is currently sold within Japan only.

PBio Clean Room Products

Original clean room products

PBio products are our original products developed and introduced based on needs from our own experience with quality verified in actual use. PBio products address a variety of issues associated with clean rooms, including maintenance of cleanliness, sterility assurance of brought-in materials, cleaning and hygiene control, and strict changeovers.

Product examples

  • PBio Clean Pipet
  • PBio Mop Cloth
  • PBio Steri Wiper

Key features

  • Multi-layer packaging in the light of carry-in and temporary storage
  • Sterilized with gamma irradiation or EtO gas
  • Reliable quality and provision of certificates

*These products are currently sold within Japan only.

Clean Room Disinfection Services

Disinfection and validation service for wide areas using peracetic acid dry fog technology

Our original clean room disinfection technology using peracetic acid dry fog is a system optimized for a complex clean room configuration comprising multiple small rooms. We develop disinfection programs based on facility dimensions, the number of rooms and configurations, validate the disinfection effectiveness with biological indicators, conduct environmental microbial tests covering airborne microbes and adhesive bacteria, and provide the results as written final reports.

Key features

  • The inside of machinery can be disinfected , thanks to low metal corrosiveness and damage to machinery.
  • Operation time is short, minimizing the interruption period of manufacturing work and cost
  • Peracetic acid is used, which is effective against even viruses and spore forming bacteria and does not have residual toxicity.
  • The process is automated, which makes the operation efficient and uniformly effective throughout the entire facility.

*This service is currently provided within Japan only.

Cell Processing Traceability System

Software to prevent mistake of specimens during cell processing and make manufacturing operation records traceable

This software registers workflow and protocols of individual operations in various processes for cell processing during production of cell-based drugs, and manages all the associated records from reagents and consumables used in the process, test results, through to creation of operation records. The software also enables control of the entire process from booking of work rooms and machinery through to scheduling of sanitation validation.

Key features

  • Prevents mistake of specimens through matching with 2-dimentional code labels.
  • The system can adapt to flexible modifications in cell processing procedures, such as changes to the number of culturing days.
  • Facilitates creation of work orders and records by recording all the processes.
  • Network-compatible and customizable to adapt to manufacturing facilities ranging from small-scale to large-scale.

*This product is currently sold within Japan only

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