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We contribute to a better quality of life and a brighter future through integrated support for clinical development of cell and tissue based medicine

Today, we stand at a new frontier of medical progress that holds unlimited potential to meet rising hopes and expectations. Japan’s advanced healthcare, with its rigorous standards, has raised people’s trust in medicine. At the same time, the immense costs and risks associated with new drug development and approval highlight the need for accelerated drug development solutions.

Cell-based therapeutics and regenerative medicine are steadily becoming a worldwide standard of care, underpinned by the scientific evidence of their safety, efficacy and quality, as proven in clinical trials that comply with the pharmaceutical regulations of nations around the globe. With our state-of-the-art facilities conforming to international GCTP, PharmaBio is Japan’s first CDMO specializing in cellular and tissue based products to provide one-stop integrated support for every facet of drug development.

We aim to assist Japanese market introduction of potentially significant and effective therapies verified by highly reliable clinical trial data. Our technology and expertise can help bring safe and effective treatments within reach of ever more patients.

For international and Japanese clients considering development of cell and tissue based medicines, PharmaBio offers you flexible and comprehensive support. Our partnership starts with development strategy planning and pharmaceutical registration application consultation and moves on to assuring a stable supply of investigational product. We then ramp up to mass production, including design, implementation and operation of the manufacturing line.

Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in this field, we provide complete process planning and operation to assure a smooth product launch with minimized risk and maximized cost effectiveness.

It is our hope that our efforts will help pioneer new options for everyone seeking safer and more effective treatments―patients, their families, and medical professionals.



We help create opportunities to turn promising concepts into effective new drugs by applying our innovative development expertise in gear with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.


Driven by a passionate belief in medicine’s potential, we facilitate prompt regulatory approval and market introduction.


We are committed to fulfilling our obligation to risk management and safety, while contributing to medical progress and responding to the hopes and trust of people around the world.

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Our team of specialists provides comprehensive integrated support for contract development and manufacturing of cellular therapeutic agents.